We're here to design a day that's as wild, beautiful, and full of life as the moment you fell head over heels. 

We adore working with couples who have a taste for luxury and a heart full of love. 

Oh, and we promise we’ll have a great time, too — that’s just a bonus as to why you should hire us.

Those who value their time, believe in the beauty of convenience, and trust experts to create a tailored experience. Couples who can’t wait to shout their love from the rooftops and dance the night away. The ones who love the details just as much as we do so you can whisper to your partner, “this is so us.” 

We don’t just plan weddings, we plan an intimate experience that is as unique, eye-catching, and full of life as the couples we serve. If you're head over heels in love and your wedding hashtag is already buzzing with anticipation, we're the dream team you've been waiting for.

We see you, we love you, and we can't wait to help make your wedding nothing short of unforgettable.

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Full Planning + Design Package

Simply share your inspiration, choose from our curated list of handpicked vendors, and we’ll take care of the rest, so you can enjoy your engagement! In this package, we’ll handle everything from managing logistics, design meetings, site visits, and vendor communications, we take care of every detail, ensuring every part of your wedding day is flawlessly executed.

designed for couples who trust professionals to handle all aspects of wedding planning

Partial Planning

With partial planning, we’re here to offer support and guidance throughout the planning process. From florists to photographers, musicians to cake artists, we have a handpicked recommendation for every style imaginable, and we’ll narrow it down to yours while staying within your budget. When you've booked all your vendors, we seamlessly step in to orchestrate the remaining details at the 6-week mark when coordination takes over.

Wedding Coordination

With our Coordination service, we step in six weeks prior to your wedding date, becoming the primary point of contact for all the vendors you have diligently selected. As your dedicated coordinator, we ensure seamless communication, finalize details, and expertly coordinate the logistics, allowing you to be fully present on your wedding day. We'll be the behind-the-scenes team ensuring everything runs smoothly, from the timeline to the vendors, and we'll be there to assist with any hiccups that may arise. 

Please note, coordination can only be booked 12 months before your wedding date due to our limited availability of only producing 20-25 weddings per year. 

Micro Weddings

Want the charm of exchanging your vows in front of your closest loved ones and the ambiance of a relaxed dinner reception where everyone’s focused on you? Micro weddings are a unique blend of intimacy and tradition, perfect for couples who crave an unforgettable wedding experience on a smaller scale with 50 guests or less.

Special Events 

Your happily ever after is just the beginning of a lifetime of celebrations and milestones. We believe in being there for you not just on your wedding day, but for all the big moments that follow. Whether you're planning a magical proposal, a milestone birthday party, a surprise celebration, hosting a shower, or even unforgettable bachelor and bachelorette parties, we have the skills and passion to make it an unforgettable experience.  

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We're here to sculpt an occasion that doesn't just borrow your names, but embodies your essence, transforming your aspirations into reality. 

It will be a celebration, steeped in your shared passions, reflecting your quirks, honoring your traditions, and embracing your vision. After all, this isn't just any day; it's your day, and it deserves to be as extraordinary and unique as the love story it celebrates.